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Be the master of your own craft
Who are we

Who are we

There are technophiles, there are pedagogues and then there are Neos. Neos wear their zeal for blending best of humans and machines on their sleeves. We rise to every occasion and invest in each other’s growth. We are agile and flexible for rapid growth.

The neo edge

Flat Hierarchy

Flat Hierarchy

We don't have managers who breathe down your neck but caretakers who provide a positive and supportive work environment.
Flexible Timings

Flexible Timings

We give you autonomy and control over your work schedule. Getting the work done is our priority, and how you accomplish it is up to you.
No Guilt Leave Policy

No Guilt Leave Policy

Life happens, and we don't guilt trip you for choosing life over work. We believe every Neo makes the right choice in managing both their own time and work responsibilities.
Awards & Rewards

Awards & Rewards

We encourage healthy competition and collaboration by recognising the best efforts. Shining star, Rookie Neo, Super Neo, and work anniversary awards are rolled out every quarter.
The neo edge

Neo Pills

Make Coding Easy​

Our mission is to use technology to simplify the way coding is being taught. We expect every Neo to believe and commit to this core mission of iamneo and contribute in their role.

Focus on Solutions

Let us not get stalled by the problems. Providing solutions is our life, not just identifying the problems. Stop complaining and start acting!

Make Data Driven Decisions

Decide autonomously and make right judgements with data and not by intuition. And making right judgments starts with looking at what the data indicates.

Customer > Company > Team > Individual

When you're making a decision and feeling unsure, start by thinking what's best for our customers, company, team and yourself – in the same order.

Share Knowledge

If you are good at something, share your knowledge and help everyone grow. A good sports team uplifts each other.

Hire Better Than You

Form a team that is better than you. Make sure the talents you hire are far more skilled than those who are already here.

Why Matters More Than How

Before taking an action, think why we need to do it and then how to do it. Blindly getting into execution without knowing ‘Why’ will not provide the expected outcomes. Act only if it aligns, impacts, and furthers our future vision.

Bad News Doesn’t Get Better Over Time

If there's bad news, share it right away, even if you caused it. We care more about the solution than the mistake. The sooner you share, the sooner we can fix it.

We are a Team, Not a Family

We are like a sports team which constantly delivers high performance, not a kid's recreational team. We can provide time to improve, but can't keep an underperformer and live with shortcomings like a family! For a team to win we need the best combination that performs!

Never Settle; Scale Up

There is always ‘scope for improvement’. Find opportunities to improve everyday!

Find your tribe

Every team at Neo works in line with its ethos but towards a common goal.
J.A.R.V.I.S (Just A Rather Very Intelligent System) is the famous suit from the iconic IRON MAN movie. Neo JARVIS is our tech team. We are a team full of people with different skill sets inspired by technology and intelligence, working towards a common set of goals.
Neo 300 is our Sales & Marketing Team. Named after the 300 Spartans from the movie 300, known for their exemplary bravery, commitment and trust, we reach out and listen to understand the needs of our customers and offer specific solutions.
Neo ELON is our Education Delivery Team. Named after the ever ambitious and persevering Elon Musk, we engage our customers through our impeccable delivery of products and go beyond to become a trustworthy partner in need.
The Matrix is our Strategy Team. Named after the masterpiece, The Matrix, a franchise movie known for its desire for transformation, we help in strategizing better moves and arrive at strategic business decisions to drive growth.
Neo AUREUS is our Finance and Accounts Team. AUREUS is a highly sought after gold coin of ancient Rome. True to its purity and value, we keep the record straight and help in setting clear business direction.
Neo SAPIENS is our HR and Recruitment Team. Named after the modern human species that we are, Homo Sapiens, we bring in talented and passionate humans and give all humans in all teams the reasons to stay warm, comfortable and happy in our organization.
Igniting the coding prowess within aspiring talents, our team is devoted to sculpting freshers and students into coding virtuosos. With a blend of innovative techniques and unwavering guidance, we empower them to conquer the coding realm and unleash their true potential.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many levels of interview will be conducted for this role?
  • Assessment round – Online
  • Technical Interview – Online meeting face to face (or) Visit our office to know more
  • Culture fit Interview – Online meeting face to face (or) Visit our office to know more

Is WFH option available?
One of the expectations is to mentor our young team of Interns and build great products out of Coimbatore. So the expectation is to come to the office. So WFH is not an option. But we provide 4 days of WFH every month.

Work Timings and number of work days in a week.
9:30 – 6:30 pm and 5 days a week (For sure, since we are a growing company, there might be need to pull out some extra time, but we shall definitely compensate by going out for dinner or lunch) 🙂.

What is the company size?
We are currently 200+ employees.

Deductions & Break up
There is no deduction apart from Income tax deductions. Fixed and variable components will be there. Variable components paid annually.

Is there any Relocation allowance – (Will you provide an allowance for a relocating candidate)?
We can provide an allowance.

Will you provide any system (laptops) or any office infrastructure?
Yes, laptop / system will be provided.