Are you a final year student aspiring to be a Tech Entrepreneur?

Join our Work Integrated Tech Entrepreneurship Program for 2023 graduates and get a seed fund of 25Lakhs to build a software product from Coimbatore. Become a Product Developer, work with cutting edge technologies to learn and innovate.

Why NeoPreneur?

Our experience in tech entrepreneurship shed light on the importance of 3 major components to launch a successful tech startup
Viable team

Viable team

  • Having the right co-founder.
  • A team with complementary skills. A Hacker to build, Hipster to deliver and Hustler to grow.
Great product

Great product

  • Art of building and selling software product.
  • Choosing the right tech stack.
Seed capital & Mentorship

Seed capital & Mentorship

  • Early-stage capital and mentorship are critical for building MVP and achieving product-market fit.
  • To accelerate startup growth.

iamneo aims to create an ecosystem and community that will mentor, nurture and support tech enthusiasts at early stage to transform into tech entrepreneurs.

NeoPreneur - Work Integrated Tech Entrepreneurship Program for 2023 graduates

To discover breakthrough technologies, to understand what it takes to be a tech entrepreneur, to bring your start up ideas to life, iamneo is offering a Work Integrated Tech Entrepreneurship Program for 2023 graduates, NeoPreneur. Through this program, we help you navigate through your technopreneurial journey successfully and diligently.

Ready to take on the tech world?

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Undergo 1 year internship in the final year with iamneo.
  2. Work with iamneo as a full stack developer for 3 years.
  3. Build a product-based startup solving a problem with technology. Build a team from Coimbatore and stay committed to #BuildinKovai
  4. Alternatively you can continue to work with iamneo, if you do not wish to start your entrepreneurial journey.

Selection process

Every candidate goes through 4 stages of screening to begin their technopreneurial journey with us.

  1. Registration - We accept registrations only through this portal.
  2. Training and assessment - We offer 2 weeks training followed by an assessment. Upon selection, candidates will be required to go through 2 rounds of interview.
  3. Technical interview
  4. Culture fit interview

Stipend and Salary details

  1. 9 Months Internship during Final year

    • First 6 months - 10K/month
    • Next 3 months - 15K/month
  2. Year 1 - 5 LPA (Includes fixed, variable and retention bonus)
  3. Year 2 - 6.25 LPA (Includes fixed, variable and retention bonus)
  4. Year 3 – 7.5 LPA (Includes fixed, variable and retention bonus)

What’s in store for you

Find your team
  • Find potential teammates from your peers at iamneo.
  • Reach out to various teams and departments from iamneo to identify your co-founder with complementary skills.
Learn the know-hows
  • Mentoring from some of the best industry experts.
  • Learn and work on the cutting edge technologies.
  • Learn the art of selling and building from team iamneo.
  • Get the best practices from building current iamneo business and teams.
Gain support
  • 25L seed fund from iamneo.
  • Office infrastructure to kick start your work.
  • Get access to a network of mentors.

Why iamneo is doing this?

iamneo is passionate about product development, Entrepreneurship, and the city of Coimbatore.

We aim to facilitate and create the 1st Tech Unicorn from Coimbatore

<span>We aim to facilitate and create the</span> 1st Tech Unicorn from Coimbatore
Ignite the technopreneurship in you and get a commitment of 25L seed investment


Can a student from any stream apply ?
Yes, this program is eligible for students from any stream or degree.
Is there a service agreement binding me to work for minimum number of years, for joining this company?
No, you need not sign an agreement binding you to work for minimum number of years.
When am I eligible for the seed fund of 25 lakhs to build my own start up?
On successful completion of 3 years of technopreneur journey with iamneo you will be eligible for a seed fund of 25 lakhs to build your own start up from Coimbatore.
Can I join iamneo even if I don’t want to build my own start up?
Yes, you can join us as a product developer and continue your journey with iamneo.