Full Stack Developer-Junior

Full Stack Developer

Job description

A craftsmanship requires more of understanding, thinking, learning from the past and then building. Software Product development is the same, it needs a sense of getting into the grove ofbuilding and working towards excellence. Addition to it, a software developer has leverage to workon mistakes immediately, which requires one to learn by trial and error and eventually lead toperfection, instead of looking at perfection at the first attempt. Are you that aspiring crafts-person?

The responsibilities include

● Apply the fundamentals of Data Structure & Algorithm over application development.
● Understand requirement, take up ownership and get it done.
● Ability to visualise user stories and build software. Is cognizant about security and data privacy while building.
● The ability to produce bug-free and production grade code.
● Takes up bugs personally and works towards fixing it.
● Look at testing team as their peers and work together.
● Learning and teaching their peers.Git source code repository knowledge is a must.

The skills that we consider

Angular 7, Node.js, MYSQL, Shell scripting, AWS, Google cloud. Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application.

Job Perks

  • Immense learning opportunity, as we are a small team with varied and interesting professional and personal experiences
  • Multi-Disciplinary Learning
  • Excellent opportunity to become an full time employee on completion of successful internship

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any Degree
  • Self-motivated and quick learner
  • Knowledge in coding

Selection Process

● Online Test 1 – Problem Solving & Coding Round
● Technical Task Round
● Technical Interview Round 1
● HR Interview

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