Shallot Theory: A New L&D Approach for the Demystified Gen Z

Author: hamsa

Gen Z stands out from the rest with the way they talk, socialize, work and learn. They are a bit familiar to Millennials but they saw the world after the tech boom. Gen Z’ers are more demanding and expect better education, work-life balance, and a better society overall. They are not afraid to speak up and ask for what they deserve. Basically, they want more and better!

Objective of this report

Understanding the heavily misunderstood Generation Z, who are entering the workforce and creating a tailored Learning and Development plan that is essential to attract and retain this group of employees.


Gen Z is heavily stereotyped

Generation Z is often misunderstood, largely because when the preceding generations were trying to adapt to the technology shift, Gen Z were comfortably growing up with technology as a part of life.

Unfortunately, this has led to the misconception that they are technology addicts or that they have an entitlement complex, when in reality they grew up during a time when things were becoming easier and more accessible.

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