The Goldilocks Quiet Hiring Model: Finding the Right Fit

Author: iamneo

Instead of hiring new employees, if a company fills a position by leveraging internal talent or utilizing available personnel, it is called quiet hiring or internal career mobility. Like chess, quiet hiring involves strategic decision-making, assessing individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and calculating ideal moves for desired outcomes.

Quiet hiring is successful for both employers and employees, if done right. As an employer, you enjoy the obvious benefits of reduced cost, effective workforce, reduced layoffs, skillful workforce, increased productivity. As an employee, this is an opportunity to grab a hold of in this recession period. If you don’t, others will!

The success of your Quiet Hiring initiative largely hinges on involving the right employee. Though it may pose numerous benefits to employees, quiet hiring will never be welcomed by those who perceive additional responsibilities as burdensome. By involving candidates who are eager to acquire new skills, enhance their marketability, and of course possess the necessary capabilities, both employers and employees can reap significant benefits.

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