The Wheel of Engagement: A Detailed Walkthrough

Author: hamsa

As we established in our previous report The Wheel of Engagement: An Employee Centric L&D Framework, the employee motivation and engagement is the most crucial goal of a learning and development training in an organization. To aid in strategizing an effective L&D plan, we introduced “The Wheel of Engagement”. Here we are going to dive deep into the spokes of the Wheel of Engagement and explore the essential characteristics of them.

Persona Analysis

“Water shapes its course according to the nature of the ground over which it flows” – San Tzu

To effectively strategize the organization’s Learning and Development process, it is essential to study your employees and their unique learning styles. By categorizing your audience into smaller groups, you can tailor your training to meet the needs of each individual.

At iamneo, we conducted a study on the learning styles individuals. We took a sample set of 9872 candidates who participated in 5 exams we administered. The analysis revealed the existence of six repeating patterns of learning styles among the candidates.

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