Reasons to choose custom e-Learning Developments for Companies in 2021


Meeting your company’s specific requirements


Many businesses have some goals and needs that traditional L&D courses cannot address. It is thus essential to invest in custom eLearning solutions.


Asking employees to invest their time into learning a course that makes little benefit to what they do makes little sense. Instead by customizing the courses to fit the need to specific employees, you can increase engagement multi fold and at the same time increase their productivity. Having the right information and inputs for their specific roles can greatly expedite the onboarding process


Rapid deployment and development of content


Having custom courses can be highly beneficial in the sense they can quickly and conveniently be rolled out to new employees, hence streamlining their learning process. Also, this will enable you to rapidly increase the pace at which you can create new content and thus improve their productivity even more.


Learning at their Own pace


One of the key benefits of online customized courses can be the flexible, on the go access that enables the employee to be free and comfortable. When working with tight schedules and deadlines, it is imperative that we give employees the flexibility to learn at their own pace.


Dividing the content into various modules and submodules that consist of smaller packets of knowledge so that they can complete a lesson in lesser amount of time and thus improving their retention. Structuring your online course is crucial to the success of it and the more customizability that you have, the better.




Gamification is a concept which has proven to increase engagement and retention rate with the users. Implementing the feature in all your learning courses will boost motivation and the willingness to learn. This can be done by incorporating elements like badges, super badges and reward them for completing a particular task with a good score.


You can read more about Gamification here 




One of the main advantages of custom eLearning is that it can be scaled to suit your specific needs. Getting the right knowledge to your audience consistently as well as in scale and making it flow as your organization grows.


Implementing within your budget and reaping long term benefits


When many people think about custom eLearning, they have the impression that it has enormous costs and extensive efforts. What they don’t realize is customizability of doing this within your budget and the long-term benefit is brings it


While it may be true that the initial investment might be bigger, the profitability that it brings in the long run is huge. Many times, traditional off the shelf courses have enormous fees associated to it which custom eLearning can be fitted into your specific budget. It is proven by our study to have 65% increase in skill development while at the same time reducing costs massively. All that you have to do is discuss with the eLearning provider of specific needs that you have and they will provide you with customized eLearning solutions