Town Hall Meeting July’22


A symphony of warmth, celebration, laughter and togetherness adorned the event-filled Town Hall meeting. With the stage set, plans chalked out and objectives calibrated, the Neos thronged the hall with great enthusiasm and fervour. With exciting transformations taking place in the last quarter, the company grew not just in numbers and revenue but also in terms of diversity and inclusion.

As members settled in, the emcees set the ball rolling with their witty and humorous engagements. The leadership team shed light on their respective team’s performance for the quarter and outlined the goals. The business updates by various teams gave members, especially the new neos, a deeper insight into the organizational goals, performance and other information required for every member to align their goal with the organization’s vision. iamneo is upfront about its revenue, decisions and plans. Information is available to everyone in the company to access and make an informed decision. By the end of the presentation, the floor was open to questions and discussions.

An interactive workshop on culture was conducted by the Neo Sapiens team to empower the members by encouraging them to inculcate the ten Neo pills in everyday activities at workplace . For the interest of the new members, the mission of the organization was discussed and how a change could be brought through innovation in EdTech space.

Our CEO, Senthil, shared his journey from working in a German company to building iamneo from scratch to expanding the leadership team based on merit and camaraderie. He also shared a thought provoking message on how choosing career over job would leave an everlasting impact on any organization.

Every neo has contributed towards the success of the organization. As a token of our gratitude and appreciation for the loyalty and commitment shown at every step of progress, iamneo recognized neos across various categories. Shining star was awarded to members who went above and beyond in contributing to the business. Rookie Neo was given to new members for showing commitment and rapport. Apart from this, milestone awards were given to members celebrating their work anniversaries with the company. A company sponsored family trip was gifted to members associated with iamneo for long period. The caretakers went one step ahead and spoke about each neo while handing over the award. Sudarshan, celebrating 4 years with iamneo was grateful to receive the award, “This is my first company. The learning has been immense. iamneo gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream. This award gives me the validation that I am going in the right path and encourages me to focus on my future goals.

iamneo never misses an opportunity to make work place fun. Followed by the rewards and recognitions, a small cultural programme was organised. Neos tripped, swayed, spun, whirled to hit numbers, struck a chord through poetry, invoked the inner creativity through a witty, fun sketch video and relished the sumptuous dinner.

For Yazharasu, a new member of Neo Jarvis team, it gave him an opportunity to interact with his team and bond together. “I also got to know the journey of iamneo, the struggles encountered and the culture we celebrate now. Looking forward to an exciting journey.”

While Madhumita Jha got a clear picture of the company’s vision and goals. “It was amazing to see caretakers take time out to appreciate every member”, she adds.

By the end of the meeting, it was evident that neos never keep it short when it comes to appreciating others and investing in other’s growth.